Why We Must Not Judge DNA “Mutations” Hastily

Why We Must Not Judge DNA “Mutations” Hastily

Our genetic makeup has long been a fascination, with research into genome editing and alteration becoming more prominent with today’s billion-dollar scientific funding – but as science races to try to make the perfect human – even creating a genetically modified fetus in the past several months – do we really understand what is happening to us at the deepest level?  We must be more careful than ever not to label everything happening in our dynamic DNA as a “mutation,” or “condition.” This infers that there is something wrong with how Mother Nature is upgrading our genes at this unprecedented time in history. Instead, she is likely turning us all into butterflies.


One genetic “mutation” just discovered by scientists adds ten years to the lifespan of men. Another allows a woman to see about 100 million more colors on the viewable spectrum of light than we do. Still other genetic changes, as we’ve discussed, allow improved cognitive skills, such as in those who have been labeled “autistic,” and an ability to love unconditionally as saints and prophets have as in the case of Williams “syndrome.”


Although thousands of human diseases associated with genetic mutations have been catalogued in recent years, we’re still learning that our genes carry a blueprint for building us as human beings – we, with the power of God (and the superconscious mind) on our sides – can determine different outcomes, but surely there is a Divine Plan behind even the genetic changes which we may not fully understand.


Tinkering with our DNA may be harmful if done with a purely scientific viewpoint – meanwhile ignoring a much larger plan for our evolution. For instance, there are four recent genetic changes which are beneficial to human beings:


  • A group of Italians have been marked as having a set of genes which help to reduce cholesterol in the blood – thus making them less susceptible to one of the biggest killers in modern industrial society – heart disease.
  • Another “mutation” is causing people to be born with higher bone density so that they are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis and other diseases.
  • Yet another Italian study being carried out on people from Burkina Faso has found that some people are carrying genes which make them resistant to Malaria.
  • Another gene is developing to create four different color receptors in our eyes that can be processed by the brain to see in tetra-color. This means that more people will have abilities like the women previously referenced who can see 100s of millions of color variations that we don’t currently see.


This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going many more genetic changes which researchers have yet to scientifically discover and prove. Some say that we are upgrading to 12-strand DNA. Others say that our DNA coding (epigenetics) is being altered. Some may argue that both phenomena are occurring.


Though there seems to be a marked attempt to alter human DNA in a negative way, Mother Nature seems to outpace the attempts of man at all paces. In fact, the Flynn Effect seems to be in full effect. It seems we’re getting smarter all the time – and its corroborated in our genes; however, this is only one limited aspect of our accelerating genetic evolution.


Dr. John Hawks also says that human evolution has sped up significantly in the past 40,000 years (a relatively short amount of time in the evolution of entire universes and the life which inhabits them) – should we really be so quick to try to alter genes that are rapidly under evolutionary influences to adapt to the world we live in, and carry out our Higher function?


Instead, we could support this genetic evolution toward the direction in which it is trying to take us.


As we learn to uncover our lost gifts in evolving genetic changes, we should be very careful at discounting or labeling genetic alteration that may seem to take one step back and two-steps forward. Our lives, hearts, minds, and yes, genes, are changing for the better – if we’ll only let them.


“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” – LeeAnn Taylor

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