You Know the Path is Love, But Are You Walking It?

You Know the Path is Love, But Are You Walking It?

We live in the most interesting times. On the surface, there is polarity everywhere – signs of the ego trying to feed the gaping chasm in our hearts in whatever way it can devise. Beneath this seeming chaos, however, are thousands, if not millions of individuals who are working to uplift the consciousness of the planet.

Call them light workers, or light beings, Bodhisattvas, or those aiming toward manifesting Christ Consciousness on earth. The name is irrelevant, and those who are reading this, know who they are without being given a formal title. Those of us with this immense task before us may know our path – but are we truly living it? Are we walking the spiritual path or just giving it lip service?

Most of us are aware that we can only serve the world to the extent we have raised our own consciousness, and personally evolved. We may have experienced some incremental success, even. Putting aside long-herd mis-beliefs that were handed down to us by multiple generations of dysfunction and separation consciousness.

We may have given of ourselves to charities, friends, movements, and careers. We may have sacrificed ourselves in the convolusion of the ego’s needs, to serve others. The price of self-service above service-to-others may have been made so clear to us, that it repels us to even think of it – let alone act in self-serving ways.

Yet, the subconscious wounds we carry are those of not only ourselves but those around us, and a long line of our ancestors who came before. These may play out and cause us to behave in self-serving ways, or to forget self-love.

The rub is that in the presence of love, all are served. There is no need to sacrifice anything, and no one needs to act in repressed, sick, violent, or selfish ways to have their needs met. Love is all consuming and all-encompassing. When we can’t seem to remember to practice unconditional love toward the One Consciousness of which we are a part – we can stop and make things silly-dumb-simple.

Just Love. In every situation ask yourself, am I loving this person right now? Am I loving myself? In the smallest exchange or the biggest argument stop and ask, is this love at work? Am I a conduit for love in this moment?

In his extremely short, and poignant book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It, Kamal Ravikant reminds us that “I love myself” is a mantra needed more than ever in this time of ten thousand choices.

We could read a thousand self-help books, go to seminars, meditate (which Ravikant also suggests – on self-love), or wait for someone else to love us so that we can feel “full” enough to make a change – but here’s the beauty of starting with this simple instruction for yourself, and forgetting about what anyone else is doing – it works.

Love is the closest thing we get to feel to God Consciousness from the moment we enter this world. It is the embrace of our mothers in the womb, the thing babies need, even with warmth and food, lest they die in the cradle.

When we give ourselves love we are filled with the bright, overflowing energy of God that can then do its magic in the world, and transform others. You know the path – but are you walking it? Are you stepping into love with your thoughts, your actions, and your beliefs every single day?

As Ravikant implores, you don’t even have to believe it when you first start saying it – in fact you’ll notice all kinds of thoughts that will come up to make you think otherwise, but keep walking that walk. Keep loving yourself. Tell yourself 1,000, a million, a billion times if you need to – “I love myself.” Love is the path, and we forget. It’s so simple. Priceless, really.

Meditate, go to therapy, take a yoga class, do Thai qi, utilize the Healers of the Light Alternative Healing Academy, but just remember the simple mantra, “I love myself.” It is miraculous in what it can do to keep you on your path.

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