The Purposeful Path, Going Forward Doesn’t Mean Going in the Right Direction

The Purposeful Path, Going Forward Doesn’t Mean Going in the Right Direction

In my early 20’s I had no idea what my life would be at my 30’s, and I think it’s safe to say that when I’m on my 40’s I’ll be saying the same thing about what I’m doing now.

I have degrees that I don’t use, I’m an attorney and an architecture school drop off, but I don’t work as either profession, I have 2 businesses that I am really thankful for, and I enjoy running them, but none of this screamed “purpose” to me.

I felt the void.

We spend so much time trying to become someone instead of allowing ourselves to be the highest expression of our true self. Something that we already have within.

Our intrinsic identity is waiting for us to allow it to surface.

A life of chasing goals to be like other people who show us signs of external power and other things we have associated with being successful, happy, and accomplished, it’s simply a sham.

All the things of this nature, packaged presets of desirable lives, or man made stereotypes, will prove themselves wrong once we break away from the orchestrated brainwash that we live in.

The patterns of unconsciousness that make us “go with the flow”, following trends and accepting what we are fed, are only as powerful as we allow them to be. We have absolute power to connect or to disconnect from them and to choose our own path.

If there was a model for the perfect life, why Universal Consciousness wouldn’t just make all characters the same?

This is a mental space, anything is possible. You have to think like a computer programmer. There are codes to create simply anything, then why don’t they just create the “perfect” scenarios?

Because those perfect scenarios are not really perfect, they are false.

Here is a list of false signs of success, just to give you an idea of how unconscious our society is by making these stereotypes and judging everyone who doesn’t comply:

  • Getting married
  • Having children
  • Owning a house
  • Owning anything
  • Physical looks
  • Getting degrees
  • Going to school (manipulated information)
  • Or being like “insert rich person here”

I can name hundreds of people that come to my practice for therapy and meet at least one or all of the items on the list, but who are still feeling the void.

They would rather trade all of these things for a life that would make them feel internally accomplished, and the only thing that can offer you that sense of completion is purpose.

Once you find your purpose, you can get creative and express it in any way you want, but going in one direction just to go somewhere is an infinite waste of time.

Have you heard about best selling author Tim Ferris? He writes and talks about how to do things more efficiently, that’s his niche.

And when people ask him what his day looks like, they expect him to name this huge list of things that he does to be successful, but on the contrary, he says he doesn’t really do much, he spends the day reflecting on what could be the one thing that would give him the most success and joy, instead of focusing on the million things that he could be doing but that are not really amazing.

But, what makes us feel truly accomplished? Is it money? Is it a relationship? It for sure is nothing that fades over time. The only thing that remains within us despite all circumstances is our true self.

And our purpose is no other than the expression of that true self.

Before launching your next big venture, or embarking on the new chapter of your life, before moving on to anything, find your true self. When you know who you are, you immediately know what you need to do as well.

Going forward in the wrong direction is not progress, it’s just physics.

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