Your Brain is Creating a Conscious Reality But is It Real?

Your Brain is Creating a Conscious Reality But is It Real?

You could call this experience we’re all having a hallucination really, or what mystics have pointed out over millennia – we’re all living at the level of our consciousness. All that is real is consciousness. Not in a nihilistic, nothing matters kind of way, but in an everything matters when you boil it down to consciousness kind of way.

Your world and everything in it is a construct of your imagination. Billions of neurons are working together to create the matrix-like field in which you are now standing, and this field is also interacting with your neurons to create “life” as we know it.

This infinite field of intelligence, or what some may call the fabric of creation, ether or even God or Brahman or Infinity is the true reality (consciousness).  Your brain is really more like a prediction machine, telling you what a wave-particle is most likely to turn into based on your consciousness, and therefore your behavior.

Your brain is using its prior assumptions about what you’ve already seen, felt, smelled, heard, and touched to give its best guess about what is truly happening “out there” in the world right now. These impressions are buried deep in the neocortex and corpus callosum and make it very difficult to have anything more than perceptual conditions. The world we experience comes from the inside out, not the outside in. [1] [2]

One might argue that if a hallucination, caused by drugs or herbs, a mental disorder, or even a spiritual experience is just a perception gone haywire, then so too are our everyday experiences just another hallucination. When we agree, collectively about our hallucinations, we call that reality, but as shamans and mystics have urged, there are many realities. [3] [4]

We have been conditioned by experience through the five senses to think that we have a limited number of realities to experience, but this could not be further from the truth. Without pointing fingers and naming names when it comes to beings who may have wanted us to forget that we are Infinite Creators, we can simply acknowledge this simple truth. We have the ability to alter our “hallucinated” experience and simply choose another one, as simply as one might change out the film being projected onto a screen.

We’ve been told we have no control over who we are, and what we experience, but our consciousness is unlimited. How do we change our conditioned experience, so that we can start experiencing a different reality?

First, we must stop looking at what is happening outside of us as the cause of our experience. We must look within to change what we experience without.

Nassim Haramein, an extraordinary physicist and the director of the Resonance Project says, “looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking for the announcer inside a radio.” Your brain is simply the biological tool, the radio receiver that allows you to tune into a certain energetic station. If you want to change your consciousness, you can indeed change your brain – alter the chemical messengers that are released like dopamine or serotonin. You can also alter the neural pathways. You can even change the waves of energy which pass through your brain like waves and measured as hertz, but these are all a result, a consequence of consciousness.

The Nobel prize winner in quantum theory physics, Max Planck said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative of consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

In our materialistic world, you can see why we might continue to struggle with the collective hallucination or “reality” which we have agreed upon, and what is keeping it in place. As we continue to look outside ourselves for confirmation of what reality is, and forget to create from within, we continue to give rise to the present experience we are all having. This includes worlds of suffering, animals treated as less than conscious, and entire forests being wiped out without any care for the living, breathing, conscious planet that we reside upon.

To change this reality, we must go within. The laws, government, institutions, and groups of people with power will not bend to our will while we continuously look for their permission to change our reality.

This is how we have lost our power. We have forgotten that we are creator beings, made in the image of Infinite Intelligence itself. You can call this God, you can call this zero point you can call it whatever name you like, but until we return to this internal quest to set things right, we will continue to see what is “out there” as final and concrete. We will continue to struggle, unnecessarily, against it.

One of the reasons I wrote, The Power of the Elevation of the Consciousness: Soul Restructuring, is to return this knowledge of our own power back to us. Don’t keep looking outside of yourself for the power to change your reality. Look within. Use the tools given in this book, and know that your reality will change as quickly as you can replace your brain’s outdated, useless programs. The time to do this is now.


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