Your Immune System Has a Memory

Your Immune System Has a Memory

Your immune system has a memory of illness. This is newly discovered information published in The Scientist. Researchers have found that this “memory” hints at a truism of epigenetic claims: that we can teach our bodies how to recover lost health with better communication.

Our DNA can repair itself, without gene editing or other mechanistic means proposed by mad scientists of the modern world. What is required instead, is the release of stagnant emotional energy which communicates perceived threat to your immune system’s cells.

The study proposes that inflammation may be influenced by the memory of the immune cells, at least in mice in a laboratory. Coauthor of the study, Jonas Neher of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Tübingen said in a statement,

“Epidemiological studies have shown that infectious diseases and inflammation suffered during a lifetime can affect the severity of Alzheimer’s disease much later in life. We therefore asked ourselves whether an immunological memory in these long-lived microglia could be communicating this risk.”

The implications of these findings are profound, and for diseases and states of mind that are varied beyond just Alzheimer’s disease.

If the inflammatory response is triggered by the microglia of our cells talking to our immune system, then it can be trained not to go off by other factors – such as diet, state of mind, exposure to nature, reduction of stress, etc.

Microglia are a type of neuroglia cell located in the brain and spinal cord. They act as the first and main form of active immune defense in our central nervous system.

As many understand from practicing yoga, meditation, martial arts, or other activities that work directly with the human nervous system, stress regulation is a vital way to keep the autonomic nervous system (ANS) – a part of the CNS from going into a fight or flight response.

Every time you experience a stressful event in your life, your immune system (and thus your DNA and cells) are taking note. That state of being, triggered in the ANS, then reacts efficiently to the next stressful event, but with time, disease and disharmony develop because the body is never trained to respond differently to a stressful event, i.e. react in a way other than fight-or-flight, or to create inflammation in the body to attack a perceived pathogen or injury.

Is it any surprise then, that this whole process of “attacking a perceived threat” is happening at the cellular level, and is conducted by our immune system? Is it any surprise then that those who are constantly in a state of high alert emotionally, are also at risk physically for a host of inflammation-related disease?

Yet, the simple answer is staring us in the face. If we either remove the perceived threat, release the memory of disease, or alter our capacity to handle stress, then the immune system no longer needs to hold the “memory” of illness and depression – both of which are inextricably linked to a chronic inflammatory process.

As we have explained previously at Healers of the Light, when someone experiences trauma when they are very young, the normal developmental process is deeply altered.

We tend to compartmentalize and store away the emotions we feel when we are young because they are too painful to digest in the moment that they are happening.

However, as this study is proving, we don’t truly hide anything away. The body stores every single memory in the immune system, and is ready at a moment’s notice to trigger fight-or-flight once again until we heal the trauma, and clear the memory from our psyche and soul.

This is also why Johanna Bassols’ DNA Reprogramming Method focuses deeply on healing traumatic emotional scars from our past. By releasing these emotional traumas in a healthy way, the True Self, unadulterated by pain and stress, can emerge.

The first book in her Evolution of Consciousness series discusses exactly how to release these traumas so that the body can respond in healthier ways to perceived stress. By releasing stagnant energy trapped in the “memory” of your body, you can feel refreshed and re-energized.

Your body understands this, right down to the level of your immune cells. It’s fascinating when you put the practice of raising consciousness, and eliminating stagnant emotions to work and then compare results to the emerging science which supports this endeavor to live a highly actualized life.

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