Energy Imbalances Blocking Your Goals?

Energy Imbalances Blocking Your Goals?

We all have big goals. Some of us think about our goals on a daily basis and wonder how we can make them happen. Others among us have a dream but it’s buried deep underneath the responsibilities of life. Work, kids, emails, errands. Rinse. Repeat.

Every day we run around making other people’s goals come true so we don’t have time to ask ourselves, “What’s my goal?”

In my teachings, I strive to not only help you figure out what your goals are – your true life purpose – but also what is keeping you from obtaining them.

Maybe you can relate to one of my favorite clients. She has plans. She has a well thought out set of small steps she wants to take to make a really big dream come to fruition. Every time she begins taking action toward her goal some strange life circumstance or person seems to literally block her from progressing toward it. I talk about this in more detail in my video, here.

While it may seem that your goals and dreams are being blocked because of some external source, it is more likely that they are coming up due to elemental imbalances. We’re talking ancient elements here – the stuff that stars and galaxies are made of.

Every element (water, fire, air, earth and ether) has its own frequency. This is echoed in ancient eastern and esoteric teachings, and holistic medicine around the globe. For example, ether is light and cold because it lacks the heaviness of earth and the heat of light or fire.

These frequencies record into your cells and DNA just like you might make an MP3 recording to create a new song. If you tried to make that recording with instruments that don’t play in tune, or that are simply playing from different sheet music, instead of a beautiful song, you’d end up with a cacophonous mess. This mess ends up being your energetic and elemental imbalance – it’s all based on frequency.

This discordance will then cause you to think in a certain way, act in a certain way, and even draw other frequencies (some which you really don’t want anywhere near you) into your life!

Conversely, when the elements are balanced you can start to match the frequency of that which you want to become. This is one of the biggest secrets to manifestation, as you never “get” something. You simply become it.

It’s as if you are playing a song that perfectly matches with someone else’s (or another version of your) song playing up the road, and they combine forces to become one great symphony. It’s like Mozart on steroids. Beauty upon beauty. Harmony upon harmony. And electrifyingly wonderful, highly matched frequency!

These elements can get so out of balance, that you may not even know what your dream is. In this case, you will find that you can find temporary, short-term goals to fulfill, but they may always leave you yearning for more because you aren’t working toward your life’s purpose – which is to elevate your consciousness – and everyone will achieve this final end goal by becoming something more than what they can picture themselves being in the present moment.

By discovering what your predominant elements are – let’s say you are mostly fire-oriented, with a little bit of air, water, and earth for grounding – you can find your life’s purpose. This example of being 50-percent fire would make you an ideal candidate for action-oriented relationships or a career in traveling, bodybuilding, etc., but if you want to be in something more contemplative and calm, you may need to adjust your elements and the frequencies they are creating.

Once you do this those strange obstacles won’t keep appearing before you, because you now match the frequency of the goal you are trying to achieve.

In the case of my client, we discovered what was causing her elements to be out of balance, and we created a specific game-plan for gently nudging them back into harmony. I’m glad to report that her obstacles have been removed, and her dreams are no longer blocked. She is finding it simply astounding to be in a “flow” that seems to magically deliver her desires to her.

Of course, she still takes action and makes plans, but they are all directed from a balanced and harmonious underlying frequency which makes all her ideas and actions consciously inspired.

This is how you dream big and make dreams happen. To conduct a session with me today to establish what your blockages may be, and to learn how to remove them with balanced elements, click here.

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