Who Is Taking Your Energy?

Who Is Taking Your Energy?

As an energetic being, there is an energetic exchange going on all the time, between you and others around you.

Before you become a material being with cells, bones, muscles, organs, a brain, a nervous system, etc. you are an energetic being. This is proven in both quantum physic and if you look at the teachings of the researcher Alfred Fritz Popp, who looked at the qualities of photonic light. [1]

Your body not only communicates to your cells and DNA through chemical messengers, but also through the exchange of light itself. This exchange happens in less than a microsecond. This communication via photonic light also happens between yourself and the energy bodies of other individuals around you.

Your energy is a precious and infinite, but when we are not connected to a source of energy, we can be in danger of “leaking” our energy to others, via negative emotions that are stored in our bodies. These emotions draw others into our field that share the same vibratory quality, which can then drag us down even further. While it is important not to suppress these emotions – as this is how they likely became stored in our tissues to begin with – it is also vitally important that we don’t dwell in them, or we will soon find that we only draw individuals and situations into our lives that create more of the same.

The best thing to do is realize that there is a lot going on in the subtle realms of our being, and to honor this phenomenon. If you had been able to experience a traumatic experience fully when it happened to you the first time, you wouldn’t have stored those emotions, and you would not be subject to becoming the energetic fodder for individuals with similar or worse trauma that is stored in their own energetic bodies.

The first step is to notice when your energy may be seeping away.

Ways your energy may be leaking:

  • Sex without love facilitates the taking of your energy
  • Unprocessed anger, fear, and other “lower” emotions leak your energy
  • People who feel energetically depleted themselves (lack of self-love, lack of self-esteem, just having a bad day) may try to take your energy without even being conscious of it

Sometimes people are called “energetic vampires” but the truth is that they are wounded too. It will be much more productive for you to concentrate on healing your own deep emotional wounds and traumas as well as to focus on raising your own vibration by finding more ways to be in joy than to blame another person. Like energies can only hang out with like energies, so try the following practices to start to release the trauma and build higher-vibratory states like love, joy, gratitude, and happiness:

  • Take at least one hour a week to “play.” Do something fun that lights you up, that has no intended outcome other than to fill your heart with joy. It can be horseback riding, painting, dancing, taking a walk in a park, or any other activity that makes you feel more alive.
  • Meditate. Allow whatever emotions that arise – fear, anger, sadness, grief, anxiousness, etc. – to arise. If you need to cry, then do so. This can be very cathartic. After most of these emotions are released you can meditate on filling your body with light and love.
  • Eat clean, plant-based foods. The food you eats has its own vibration. This is one reason to not eat meat: It contains the vibratory quality of fear and adrenaline which is released into the animal just before it is killed. This is also why most ancient sages and yogis ate no or very little animal products because they were aware of the subtle qualities and sentience of all creatures.
  • Get fresh air outdoors, and exercise. These are two of the easiest ways to elevate your vibration while also helping to release stagnant energies from your tissues.
  • Practice yoga, Thai Chi, Chi Gong, and other mindful movement. These practices all help to release stored trauma in the body.
  • Consciously send loving energy out into the world. This is what you will receive back. You can bless the cars in front of you in traffic, imagine pink-white light (the energetic vibration of the heart) being spread around your entire city, or even just consciously filling the people in your own home with love and joy.

[1] Quanta and Wave-Particle Duality. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.physicsoftheuniverse.com/topics_quantum_quanta.html

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