8 Ways You’ll Know You’re on Your Spiritual Path

8 Ways You’ll Know You’re on Your Spiritual Path

How do you know if you’re following the path which leads to the highest development of your soul?

Your soul took years to be on this path. It decided exactly what that path might entail before you ever arrived on this planet. It knew that you would likely veer off, being distracted by the myriad things which are created in Maya – the illusion – but it had faith you would find your way back.

No matter how many times you take a wrong turn or make a mistake, your soul has patience. It realizes that all growth comes with its own timetable.

Most often your soul will call you back to the path with a whisper – a clear, quiet voice that only makes itself heard when you slow down and get still.

When you are lost in the forest and can’t seem to find even a breadcrumb to lead you back to your soul’s purpose, you’ll get a stronger tug. It may even be painful, emotionally or even physically. Here’s how you will know when you are on your spiritual path:


1. Serendipity

When you are on your soul’s planned path, you will experience absolute serendipity. Those delightful or surprising moments when you bump into an insight, a person, or a circumstance that you never could have imagined, but you recognize deeply in your soul as something that you’ve always wanted – that’s serendipity.  It’s massively important for your psychological well-being, and though scientists don’t entirely understand why – it’s because serendipity is the Universe’s way of telling you that you’re on track. “Fortunate happenstance” doesn’t exist. Know that those delightful surprises are a big “YES!” from your deepest, most evolved Self.



2. You Follow Your Intuition


The heart knows so much more than your head. As Gregg Braden details in a talk, there are more neural fibers leading from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart. This means that while your brain seems to be doing most of the “thinking” and communicating, the heart is vastly more intelligent. It can tell you exactly where to go, who to talk to, and what the very next step you need to make, even when all logic tells you differently. That’s where your intuitive self comes in. When you listen to the gentle tugs of the heart – that intuitive ping that only makes sense to you – you’re surely on the right path.



3. Joy


Joy is happiness for no reason. You can experience when triggered by something beautiful like the smile of a newborn or while staring at a breathtaking sunrise, but joy is one of the highest vibrations we can experience while in this human body. Joy also emits a resonant field that will draw positive experience into your life. Joy acts like a magnet to bring good things to you. The only two emotions that rank higher than joy are peace and enlightenment. Your soul wants you to reach those stages, so if you’re feeling joyful, it means you are on the right path.


Where do your emotions resonate?

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4. You’ll Feel a Slight Nudge Out of Your Comfort Zone


Let’s face it. If you’re feeling a little stretched, or a little uncomfortable, then you’re probably on the right path. This is because the ego would have us stay at a lower vibration so that it can protect itself. A healthy ego has accepted that it will dissolve over time. We needed that ego when we were little to differentiate ourselves from others like our parents, siblings, and peers, but as we ascend spiritually, we return to Oneness. Moving away from Oneness felt odd when we were babies and oddly, retuning to it as we grow older, feels equally strange. If you aren’t feeling a little challenged to grow, and evolve, then you likely have gotten off your spiritual path.


5. You are Surrounded by Inspiring People


This one pairs with being out of your comfort zone. Inspiring people represent our capacity. They may ignite desires in us we didn’t know we had, or encourage us to take chances that fulfill our soul’s purpose. They help us to overcome fear, grief, and shame, and rise into acceptance, willingness, and love. If you are inspired by the people around you, then you are on the right path.

6. You are Excited to Get Up and Start Your Day


When your soul knows it has important, valuable work to do, it will literally drag you from sleep in the wee hours of the morning to get to the task at hand. This doesn’t mean that you won’t want to hit the snooze button sometimes, as a soul’s work can also be rather trying sometimes, but generally speaking – when you are on the right path, a new day represents a million new possibilities, and you won’t be able to sleep all day, wasting all those precious moments.



7. Curiosity


The soul is infinitely curious. It is never bored Boredom is a sign that you’ve become complacent on your soul’s journey and need to push outside of your comfort zone. Writer, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi talks about this state in “Flow.” He explains that money and things cannot make us happy. Only being in a state of slightly challenging mystery can. You can watch him talk about this state in a Ted conference, here.



8. Cosmic Reward


The cosmic joke is that when we are on our soul’s path we experience cosmic reward. This will be a feeling of freedom, and happiness which is hard to define. It is a state that is beyond thought and intellect. It comes from a deep knowing that you are carrying out your soul’s purpose. The rewards may come in tangible ways, or simply as a deep-seated calm and joy. For each person, the cosmic reward will be different, but the reward almost always has a tinge of a long-lost desire being fulfilled, and the completion of an important task.

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